Mr. Negative Taste Tester (4 Pack of 35mm 36exp Assorted)

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Are you one of those people that can't decide what you want from the menu?

Or perhaps you're new to shooting film and wanto sample some of the best films on this planet.

Mr. Negative has you covered with the Taste Tester 4 roll pack.

1 x Mr. Negative 50D - Perfect for bright sunny days and shooting wide open

1 x Mr. Negative 200T - Fine grained for studio portraits and mixed lighting 

1 x Mr. Negative 250D - The ultimate warm tones for a sunny day

1 x Mr. Negative 500T - The best film in the entire universe/solar system/galaxy/Tatooine

ECN-2 Lab Process or C-41 Home Hand Process

These films contain a remjet layer, all the best ones do!

4 pack of 35mm 36exp