Kodak Vision 3 200T 35mm 36exp

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Fresh from Kodak, our Vision 3 200T 5213 cinema film is rolled into 35mm cassettes of 36exp ready to use in 35mm film cameras.

DX coded for use in Point & Shoot and Manual cameras.

This film has a remjet layer so you won't get any halation. You'll just get a monster image! 

All our film is kept in the fridge to ensure its lifespan. Our 200T is fresh from Kodak and no more than 3 months old. 200T can last for years if stored correctly. 

Store unexposed film at 13°C or lower. For extended storage, store at -18°C or lower. Process exposed film promptly.

Kodak Vision 3 200T 35mm
Shots per roll 36
35mm Colour Negative CineFilm With Remjet Layer

ECN-2 Lab Process or C-41 Hand Home Process 
Dimensions: Length 58mm, Width 38mm, Height 38mm, Weight 28grams