Silver Screen Negative 200 35mm 36exp (10 Pack)

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The most versatile film ever in a 10 Pack!

When we first started shooting film, we were constantly searching for a particular look we’d seen similar to the movies in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. What first sparked our interest in shooting film again after all these years was rewatching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the end scene where Sally escapes, Leatherface is waving his chainsaw in the air with the warm sunflare captured in the lens. This set us on a mission to recreate this look. Portra is great, but there wasn’t enough grain, Kodak Gold was cool, but not that versatile.

So we introduce to you our brand new film “Silver Screen Negative”. Our film is unbelievably versatile allowing you to shoot between ISO 200-400. It will also allow you edit and stylise your images more than any other film stock on the market.

This film has a remjet layer so you won't get any halation. You'll just get a monster image! We can remove the remjet layer, develop and scan it for you in house. Our film is that good that we get high on our own supply.

Photos by @lx.insta

Silver Screen Negative 35mm

Shots per roll 36

35mm Colour Negative CineFilm With Remjet Layer

ECN-2 Lab Process or C-41 Hand Home Process