Bat Country 400T (10 Pack) 35mm 36exp

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If you only come out at night, we recommend getting your hands on some Bat Country!

Bat Country is a tungsten balanced film, meaning it will cool down the yellowing look of lights when indoors and at night. We recommend shooting Bat Country at ISO 400, but you can still get useable results at ISO 800. This film can also be shot during the day with an amazing cooler tone. 

Like all Cinefilm this film has a lot of flexibility when editing, so if you'd like to add warmth to the image, Bat Country will respond well to white balance and colour grading adjustments in your chosen editing software.

This film has a remjet layer so you won't get any halation. You'll just get a monster image! We can remove the remjet layer, develop and scan it for you in house. Our film is that good that we get high on our own supply.

Photos by Mr. Negative & @lx.insta

Bat Country 35mm

Shots per roll 36

35mm Colour Negative CineFilm With Remjet Layer

ECN-2 Lab Process or C-41 Home Hand Process