Changey Changerson Changing Bag (56 x 58cm)

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Have you been caught out somewhere with your film jammed in your camera?

Perhaps you're a wedding photographer and you can't afford for anything to go wrong on a couples most important day?

A changing bag is an essential part of Mr. Negative's camera kit when going on location to shoot. You can never predict what will happen with a 30+ year old film camera. With a changing bag you can inspect any problems safely with exposing the film to light and damaging your beloved photos. 

The changing bag folds up to the size of your hand so is easy to fit in any small bag when you head out to shoot!

Measuring in at 56 x 58cm it's also the perfect size for loading your film in a Patterson tank when you're developing at home. 

Perfect also if you're loading a bulk loader and rolling your own film at home too!